5 Things about Acai That Most People Dont Know About

5 things about acai people don't know
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The acai craze in Malaysia may be new but it doesn’t stop people from finding out more about this amazing berry. Dubbed as the “superfood berry”, many are wondering what exactly these berries are all about. We would like to share 5 things about Acai Berries that people don’t know about!

1. Acai Berries are Only Grown in Brazil

Despite its popularity around the world, acai berries are only grown commercially in its home country which is Brazil. Due to its popularity, the Brazilian government protects its acai berry trade to ensure that the supply of berries only comes from Brazil thus protecting their market. This is also the reason why it is difficult to obtain authentic acai berries in the Malaysian market.

2. Acai Bowls are Extremely Popular among Weight Watchers

Acai Bowls are known to have very small amount of calories and are high in antioxidants are the reason why these bowls are popular especially among martial artists, fitness junkies or even those whoa re looking for a tasty treat but don’t want to feel guilty for indulging after. Watch our videos for testimonials from athletes and fitness junkies to find out more!

3. Acai Berries are Good for Your Skin

The high antioxidant properties in acai berries are known to be extremely beneficial for maintaining a smooth and healthy complexion. This is the reason why there are some who manufacture skin care products using acai berries. However, it has been proven that the benefits of the berries can be best absorbed by consuming the berries rather putting it on your face. All the more reason for you to have an acai bowl rather than putting it on your face!

4. All the Energy Levels from Coffee, Minus the Caffeine Buzz!

Can’t start your day without your daily doze of caffeine? Why not try an acai bowl rather than a cup of coffee! Studies have shown that one of the key proponents of the berries is that it boosts energy levels in your body matching closely to a cup of black coffee. It is also found that the energy boosting properties of the berry does not give the same side effects such as migraines, headache and shivers as how coffee does to the body. Imagine starting your day not having to worry about experiencing that dreaded caffeine crash midway to your day.

5. Finally a Dessert with Nothing Processed. All Natural for the Win!

Most acai bowls are made using natural fruits and homemade toppings, without the use of artificial flavoring or coloring. In the age of genetic modification in food and chemicals used to preserve food, it is extremely satisfying to know that acai bowls can be your source of desserts that are as natural as you can get. As the acai berry itself can be consumed on its own, some bowls even go as far as using homemade toppings to further enhance the taste of the bowl, making it truly a “guilt free bowl”.

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