The Origin of Acai berries, What Makes Amazon-ian Fit and Healthy

Acai Berries origin - acai-bowl-kl
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The origin of Acai Berries

We’ve all heard the stories of how the people in Brazil are always fit, in shape and healthy. The picture painted about Brazilians to always be athletic from all the athletes that they have produced over the years, beautiful from the pictures of gorgeous Brazilian ladies suntanning in the beach to the number of supermodels that they have produced over the years, and even Brazilians known to be tough and resilient through an extensive culture of martial arts and self-defense in the country.

Hence, it is little wonder why people would equate their food as the main reason why Brazilians are as how we picture them to be and of course, some would also equate acai as the reason why, considering that it is one of the most commonly found and easily identifiable as Brazil’s best delicacy.
But is it though?

Acai Berries origin - acai-bowl-kl

History of Acai Berries

To see this, one must find out more about the history of the fruit, how it started as an overgrown marsh fruit into one of the most popular superfoods on the planet. Also known as “the crying food”, acai was first documented to be used as a staple food by the indigenous Amazonians deep in forests of the rainforest. Considered by the locals as a healing food, the Amazonians have been using acai berries for medicinal and healing purposes in their community for centuries and as a result, the population of acai trees grow exponentially to outside of the rainforest and along the riverbanks of the Amazon river.

Since then, Brazilians have changed they way of preparing acai as a dish to include a more varieties that they can enjoy. Instead of just being a staple food source, acai can now be found as desserts, drinks and even as a daily meal with rice and noodles! To most of the people in Brazil, they would swear that the properties of the fruit helped them in their daily lives, and it is to that, most people would equate their fit and healthy culture to their diet with acai.

Acai Berries are Global Phenomenon

The global phenomenon of the acai culture didn’t really grow in Brazil but rather in the United States, when 3 brothers found the method of systematically harvesting acai and retaining their properties to last long-distance journeys. The manufacturing of acai then took place to further improve the growth and sustainability of the fruit and also, the method of preparing frozen acai bowls was found. From there, the culture of acai enjoyed in Brazil was able to spread outside of the country, starting first as a craze in the United States and finally ending up here in our country.

Acai Berries are Staple Food in Brazil

While acai is obviously not the only reason why Brazilians are known to be fit and strong, you cannot deny the fact that because it such a staple diet among Brazilians that it would have contribute highly to their culture and their appearance. Perhaps it is a little wonder that some would even nickname the berry as the “beauty berry” for a reason!

Acai Lab are 100% Imported from Brazil

Part of what makes the final price of our Acai Bowl is the Acai berries are imported from straight from Brazil. That’s right. 100% goodness. Not in powdered or processed. That’s also why our Acai is delicious.

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