Brazillian Dessert


Acai Bowl in Kuala Lumpur

Wild Grown Açaí Berries

from Belem, Amazon, Brazil

Our wild Açaí Berries are harvested from the deep Amazon forest in Brazil by the locals. Imported as pulped and pasterized to Malaysia. We don’t use powdered Açaí Berries (that taste icky), so you get the best purity, highest nutrition and truly a Brazillian experience.

Pulped &

To Preserve Purity and Nutrition

the Perfect Acai Bowl in KL

100% Frozen
Açaí Pulp

No Sugar Added. Pure Açaí Flavour.


Creamy Peanut Butter & Crunchy Golden Granolas

Made and Designed for Martial Art Athletes (to maintain weight class), Calorie cautious people, to indulge and satisfy sugar craving without the guilt.

You don't have to go to Brazil, get some Acai Bowl in KL.

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